Financial Options  

At our office, we appreciate the confidence that our patients have shown by selecting our office for their orthodontic needs. We also know that finances are a consideration, and strive to work with every patient individually. It is important to understand that fees vary depending on the treatment required, severity of the bite, and estimated time in treatment. It is our goal to make treatment as affordable as possible.  

We offer a variety of interest-free payment plans with monthly payments. We also offer the option to obtain financing through Carecredit. Please let us know if you are interested in any of these financing options. We can help to explain and guide you through the approval process if you
are eligible. 

For patients with insurance, we are happy to submit information to the insurance company for a pre-treatment estimate. This will allow us to exactly determine the portion of the fee which the insurance will pay, and the portion for which the patient is responsible. We are happy to provide several payment options to best allow our patients to comfortably finance their treatment. We encourage everyone to be familiar with their insurance and to let us know if benefits are terminated, or if they become eligible for additional insurance benefits.

Please let us know how we can best work with you to ensure a mutually comfortable relationship that best meets your financial needs.

Speak to our Financial Assistance Experts

Whether dealing with an insurance company or setting up a payment plan, we are experienced and knowledgeable in assisting with the financial aspect of good dental care. Call today to speak with one of our experts who will be able to answer your questions.


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