Visits to Our Office  

Complementary Initial Consultation:
Your first visit is a wonderful opportunity to introduce our office, and for us to answer your orthodontic questions.  Dr. Steinle will perform a thorough examination and take a panoramic x-ray if needed for a better initial diagnosis. She will describe any problems that exist with the teeth and bite, and discuss the best treatment or make other recommendations. Karen, our financial expert, is available to answer any questions at this time as well.  

Records Appointment:
Before you begin orthodontic treatment, you will have a set of records taken. This involves taking two x-rays, photographs of your teeth and face, and molds of your teeth. Dr. Steinle will then evaluate your records and discuss the ideal treatment plan and other options if possible, at your
next appointment.  

4-7 days prior to your braces appointment, separators will be placed between some of the back teeth. Separators are small rubber rings that provide pressure to move teeth slightly apart, enabling braces to be placed the following week. These can be uncomfortable, but it is very important not to remove them, since they are important for us to be able to place your braces. Aspirin or Tylenol is recommended to relieve discomfort if needed.  

Braces Appointment:
On the day that you receive your braces, we will first remove your separators and fit metal bands around your back teeth. The front teeth are prepared with different solutions and braces, or brackets, placed on each tooth. A wire is tied into each bracket with colored rubber rings, which are changed at every visit. The wire causes teeth to move, by applying pressure and “pushing” or “pulling” the teeth in the right direction. After the braces are placed, you will watch a video, which will give you more information about braces, how to take care of them and what to expect.  

Follow-Up Visits:
Patients return to have their braces adjusted every 4-6 weeks. Each patient will be always be seen by Dr. Steinle, who will instruct one of our assistants on what will be done at that visit. We will check oral hygiene and elastic wear and speak with patient and parent if brushing and cooperation are not ideal. Remember, great brushing and great cooperation will lead to a great smile!  

Emergency Care:
Sometimes, in between visits, patients may have discomfort from a poking wire or a loose bracket. Some of these problems can be resolved at home, and sometimes it is necessary to come into the office. If your emergency occurs during non-business hours, please leave your name and phone number and we will return your call.  

Life After Braces:
The average time for a patient to wear braces is about 2 years. Many patients do not realize that, once braces are removed, teeth can begin to shift again. We give each patient 2 sets of retainers, which prevent this shifting, or “relapse”. Each patient is responsible for wearing their retainers as recommended by Dr. Steinle. Patients return every few months for retainer follow-up checks, during which time you may be told to reduce your retainer wear. 

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