Why Consider Braces?  

Besides giving you a beautiful smile to be proud of, braces can also improve the health of your teeth by improving your bite.  

Braces Can Correct or Aid in Resolving the Following:

  • Aid in Bringing Impacted Teeth into Alignment in the Arch
  • Crossbites (Upper Jaw is Narrower than the Lower Jaw)
  • Crowding of Teeth
  • Deep Bites (Upper Teeth Covering Most of the Lower Teeth)
  • Increase Overall Tooth Stability by Correcting the Bite
  • Jaw Misalignment (Severe Overbite, Underbite or Other Conditions that Occur Due to
    Growth Factors)
  • Make Space for Implants
  • Mitigate TMJ Symptoms
  • Open Bites (Upper Teeth not Touching the Lower Teeth)
  • Overbites (Upper Teeth Far in Front Of the Lower Teeth)
  • Spacing of Teeth
  • Tooth Rotations
  • Underbites (Lower Teeth in Front of the Upper Teeth)
  • Upright Teeth to Prepare for Bridges or Implants

The good news is that you are never too old for braces! As long as there are no
contraindications, such as periodontal disease, most adults are good candidates for
orthodontic treatment. 


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Learn What to Expect
after Braces 

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